120cm x 50cm

Products packaging  on fibreboard /  2015

Insulating tape, black paste.

Our lives depend on our purchasing power. What I buy is what I am.  At the same time, we are nobody without products. We depend on products and products depend on us.  Like the bacteria in our bodies, we make a symbiosis. Wich kind of product I am? They are the new Gods of our times. They define our life, we work for them in order to get always the best …or the cheaper or the more expensive? What would it be life without a product?



like to think

that I don´t need any THING.

This piece took me two years. I recollected packages that were any more in use and pasted them on a fibreboard. I have beeing always very impressed with the amount of garbage that we produce just in groceries! I like to observe this package like a piece of art wich will characterize our present time in the future.

These packages were made with the imagination of certain people exactly like paintings are made. They also represent our present context. All the content of this packages were produce sold and consumed. These are the producing forces of our society. In each package, we have a factory, a pasture, a field of fruits and so on.

Present, future, human, machines.


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